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Mariyam Johar
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Masters (MS), Molecular Biology And Genetics
Kolkata, India
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Who am I?

A Science graduate and an avid reader, I take pride in having combined my two areas of interest, Science and Writing for my career. I have done a lot of academic writing over the years where I have helped students with assignments, essays, and their Masters and Doctoral dissertations. Lately, I have explored other forms of writing such as blogs, search-engine optimized articles, Statement-of-Purpose letters etc. Despite having drifted from academics, I have taken the time and effort to read as much as I could about research in the field of Biology, and I wish to learn and grow further with my ...   

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What interests me?

A science enthusiast with a deep interest in Biology and a knack to put my thoughts into words

Masters (MS), Molecular Biology And Genetics
Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research
British Indian Ocean Territory
2011 - 2014
Content Writer
I have done a lot of content writing, both in my field of expertise, as well as outside over the past few years. I strongly believe that knowledge is of no use if not expressed properly, and so I have worked hard on my writing skills, while exploring different types of writing and increasing my subject knowledge.
2018 - Present (2 years)