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Who am I?

I base my tutoring strategy on strong communication skills, together with focus on listening to the students and collaborating with them about their educational needs. I perform for my students in order to keep them engaged into work, since tutoring is not just about sitting back and lecturing. In patient and empathetic manner, I will teach students deep and cognitive understanding of the topic, instead of just showing plain and schematic solutions that students need to memorize without much understanding. I have lots of experience in both live tutoring, as well as in creating personalized ste...   

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What interests me?

Reading and deep understanding of philosophy, logic and mathematics, as well as enjoying nature.

Bachelors, Science
Univerzitet u Nišu
2014 - Continued
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Slader LTD
I have year and half long working experience with Slader LTD in area of University grade textbook solutions. My field of work is based on general physics. I have developed complete solutions and detailed explanations for 1200+ problems, of high ranking textbooks such as: Munson, Young and Okiishi\'s Fundamentals of Fluid Mechanics; College Physics, 11th Edition; Fox and McDonald\'s Introduction to Fluid Mechanics, 9th Edition. My textbook-solution portfolio can be reached over this link:
2018 - Present (2 years)