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Whether you are taking auditing classes in CPA or becoming a certified internal auditor soon, you can hire an auditing tutor for understanding everything from Sarbanes Oxley act requirements to public company accounting oversight board (PCAOB) rules to form an unqualified audit opinion. You can ask questions from tutors about whether internal control over financial reporting are based on COSO framework and whether audited financial statements are prepared based on generally accepted accounting principles or GAAP.

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23 days ago
Masters (MS), Marketing
As a professional with more than 1000 unique custom essays completed in different academic fields, I am an excellent essay writer that values...
27 days ago
Specialist, CMA-intermediate
I like to teach commerce students and i am teaching since 2014. i teach also for academics as well as for professional studies. I find...
28 days ago
Bachelors, CA FInal
I have experience in tutoring for almost 5 years and am interested in learning new things and to teach others.
5 months ago
I am a motivated, adaptable, result oriented, productive team player with excellent communication and interpersonal skills. Seeking a...
10 months ago
I am a student of CA. Currently in my Final year and have my exams due in May 2019. I have completed my Graduation from Pune University in 2015....
10 months ago
I'm James, and I've been tutoring on various platforms for the past five years. As a tutor, my focus is to help communicate and break down...
6 months ago
Specialist, Chartered Financial Analyst
The following are details of my Professional Experience. Responsibilities Eight years of demanding teaching experience in the field of finance...
2 months ago
Specialist, Chartered Accountant
Chartered Accountant as well as Cost & management Accountant. Having Practical Exposure & Experience in Field of Financial Accounting, Costing &...
1 month ago
Masters, Chartered Accountant
Earlier I worked for as Finance subject matter expert
4 months ago
Masters, Commerce
After finishing my masters I have taken tuitions for students
6 months ago
Bachelors, Commerece
Having experience of teaching to academic students in the area of accountancy and finance.
7 days ago
Specialist, Chartered Accountancy
I am a qualified Chartered Accountant and an FRM L2 candidate. I have been working with a Mutual Fund house and Finance and Investing are two of...
1 month ago
Bachelors, Commerce
I have graduated from university of Delhi in bachelors of commerce. i was the receipient of central sector scheme scholarship for continuously 3...
2 months ago
Bachelors, Commerce
I am new to Tutoring and i am very much existed for this as it helps to gain,retain and update my knowledge as well helping to students with my...
3 months ago
Bachelors, Commerce
I am a Chartered Accountant and an Associate Public & Finance Accountant. I also hold a bachelors of Commerce degree. I have over 8 years of...
1 month ago
Bachelors, B.Com
A young and enthusiast person here to help people across the world and to learn new things.
3 months ago
Masters, Commerce
I have 3 years industry experience in Audit work. I have Post graduate qualification and I have cleared CA Final Group 1 (Group 2 yet to clear)...
1 month ago
CPA, Certified Public Accountant
I am a seasoned and highly experienced professional Tutor and Academician in the Technical fields of Accounting and Finance. I have a Degree and...
10 days ago
Let start conceptual understanding of concepts with easy examples.
1 year ago
Bachelors (BS), Finance
I am a competent as well as a proficient academic writer who deliver original content promptly. I have adequate knowledge and skills on...

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