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29 days ago
Masters, Commerce
I have been home tutoring kids for almost 8 years now. Teaching is my passion.
3 months ago
Masters, M.SC Statistics
Hy.. I am Ayesha from Pakistan. I am a professional teacher as well as a tutor. My Basic rule of teaching is that just be a friend of students...
1 year ago
Bachelors (BA), Arts
I like to make learning fun and help students get their projects done as efficiently and quickly as possible.
1 month ago
Masters, Manufacturing Engineering
From 2013 to now i continuing my Lecturing experience in various fields of mechanical engineering in Private Engineering college under the...
2 months ago
Masters, English
I am an English language professor with years of experience In Teaching English Language and Literature. I like to help people in the various...
6 months ago
I am a B.Tech (Electronics and Communication Engineering) from BIT Mesra India and also have a PMP certification from PMI for Project...
2 months ago
Bachelors, Aeronautics
I tutored mostly elementary school students privately after school and during the summer. We met in their homes or at the public library. I...
2 months ago
Masters (MA), Technology
From my early childhood, I played with toys for some days, later on, I started to disassemble every part to observe its mechanism. Further, I...
1 year ago
Masters (MS), Communications
MSc. in Global Strategic Communications, Masters in Mass Communications from FIU; Art Direction, Copy Writing, Digital Marketing from Miami Ad...
8 months ago
I have been a tutor for over 5 years. I started tutoring students at my university’s Writing Center and moved on to freelancing with private...
1 month ago
Masters (MA), Creative Writing
Since pursuing a major career change in February 2018 to retrain as an English Teacher, my life has revolved around the English language. Upon...
3 months ago
MBA, Finance
Having Master's in Finance in 2017 with core subject of Accounting. Teaching students from my graduation. Now, I have tutoring experience of 4...
2 months ago
Masters (MS), Molecular Biology And...
A Science graduate and an avid reader, I take pride in having combined my two areas of interest, Science and Writing for my career. I have done...
3 months ago
Masters, Masters Public Administration
I'm an accomplished professional with experience in the realms of public service, the private sector, and education. I've served in the U.S....
3 months ago
Bachelors (BS), Science (Mathematics)
I have been teaching professionally for about 3 years. Apart from just teaching, I believe in inspiring others and have mentored many people for...
2 months ago
Bachelors, Technology(Computer Science...
I acted as a mentor for a 6 weeks python program held in our college. I am a subject expert at since July,2019. I have helped my...
3 months ago
Masters (MS), Educational Psychology
My initial interest in psychology was rooted in human development, but I quickly learned that I love research and statistics. After earning my...
5 months ago
Bachelors, Mechanical Engineering
Basically I am a mechanical engineer...i use to work in Delhi NCR as a process design engineer...during my engineering i have taught students...
3 months ago
Masters (MA), History
I am having good knowledge about the subject that i am currently teaching(History), i understand the concepts thoroughly and i am able to...
1 month ago
Bachelors (BS), Engineering
I have a hands on experience nearly 2 year in Programming. Where I can write a Code in Java, Python and Recat Js as a frontend. Also I have a...

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