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Pius Imwene
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Bachelors (BS), Mathematical Sciences, With IT
Maseno University, Continued
Nairobi, Kenya
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Who am I?

Hello, I am an expert in statistics, I can teach mathematics up to graduation level. I will explain each and every step until the student satisfy. I am expert in an Ordinary differential equations, Laplace transforms, Complex analysis, linear algebra, etc. my first job is to realize the problem to the student and how it is solved by an easy method. I will teach in such a manner so that students can understand the solutions and steps. My Handwriting is very good that's means I can solve homework problem on paper. I will try to provide the maximum possible score or grade to the student. My best ...   

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What interests me?

Learning new things via youtube channels

Bachelors (BS), Mathematical Sciences, With IT
Maseno University
2014 - 2018