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Pushpinder Singh
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Masters (MS), Statistics
Kolkata, India
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Who am I?

Currently, I am PhD scholar with Indian Statistical problem, working in applied statistics and real life data problems. I have done several projects in Statistics especially Time Series data analysis, Regression Techniques. I am Master in Statistics from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. I have been teaching students for various University entrance exams and passing grades in Graduation and Post-Graduation.I have expertise in solving problems in Statistics for more than 2 years now.I am a subject expert in Statistics with

What interests me?

Reading books, Traveling enthusiast,

Doctorate, PhD In Statistics
Indian Statistical Institute
British Indian Ocean Territory
2018 - Continued
Masters (MS), Statistics
Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur
British Indian Ocean Territory
2016 - 2018
Subject Expert-Statistics
I am a subject matter expert for more than 2 years on I have variety of experience in solving problems in Statistics.I have also done some small projects in R over there.
2018 - Present (4 years)