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Rustia Melrod

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Bachelors, Bachelor Of Science In Business Administration
Navotas City, Philippines
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Who am I?

I am a retired teacher with 6 years of experience teaching various science subjects to high school students and undergraduate students. This background enables me to be able to help tutor students who are struggling with the science of business component of their education. Teaching difficult subjects has definitely taught me patience. There is no greater joy for me than to patiently guide a student to the correct answer. When a student has that "aha!" moment, all my efforts are worth it. The Common Core standards are a useful yardstick for measuring how well students are doing. My students c...   

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What interests me?

Music, reading novels, and swimming

Bachelors, Bachelor Of Science In Business Administration
Navotas Polytechnic College
2013 - 2018
I was a freelance writer at essay pro where I helped and tutored students in subject such as business, management , and entrepreneurship.
2015 - 2020 (5 years)