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Sai Narasimha Naidu Guntreddi

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Andhra University, Continued
Kakinada, India
Tutoring in: Electrical Engineering
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Last Active: Sep 24,2021
Who am I?

In the year 2017 i started home tutoring in visakhapatnam to electrical engineering students. i taught almost 15 students individually and helped them to clear all their semester subjects and also provided the will power to crack any technical subject on their own. currently iam tutoring to 3 students who are studying 3rd year electrical engineering..

What interests me?

Reading,tutoring,exploring technical things.

Andhra University
British Indian Ocean Territory
2017 - Continued
Bachelors, Bachelor Of Technology
Andhra University
2017 - 2020
Question And Answer Exper
Iam a bartlebyelectrical engineering expert(2018- continuing).i solved almost 1000 questions with above 90 % upvotes
2019 - Present (4 years)
Tutored for 2yrs for engineering students (electrical engineering)
2017 - 2019 (2 years)