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Srishti Bhatia
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Masters (MA), Economics
Faridabad, India
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Who am I?

I have been tutoring and assisting students in answering questions since 2018. Having answered more than 1800 questions, I understand that it is important for learners to not only get answers to their problems, but detailed and clear solutions are essential for the learning process. I look forward to helping and assist students in their journey of finding solutions to their questions.

What interests me?

I love sketching and painting in my free time. Also, I have started writing short stories recently.

Masters (MA), Economics
Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University
British Indian Ocean Territory
2017 - 2019
Subject Matter Expert
Chegg India Pvt Ltd
Working as a freelancer in Economics since 2018
2018 - Present (2 years)