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, Dehradun, India, Mechanical Engineering Algebra Calculus Classical Dynamics Of Particles Complex Analysis Linear Algebra Mechanics Numerical Analysis Solid State Thermodynamics tutoring
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Who am I?

I am a mechanical engineering graduate with over two year of experience in content creation and management for the mechanical and mathematics students. I have an easy and effective approach for handling problems. My area of expertise are MECHANICAL ENGINEERING, CALCULUS ,ENGINEERING MATHEMATICS AND ALGEBRA

What interests me?

Love to teach yoga and help students through ins and outs of mechanical engineering and mathematics.

Uttarakhand Technical University
2012 - 2016
The SME functions as the organizational representative for his/her knowledge area, and applies his/her expertise to support the strategic direction of the organization and should be capable and willing to work on core Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics subjects.
2017 - Present (3 years)