User Policy

User policy includes all rules, regulations, policies, guidelines, terms and condition pertaining to site usage. This policy was last modified on 13-12-2014. User policy may be revised, modified and updated without giving prior notice to the users and so it is advisable that you visit the policy page regularly for updates.


The term communication includes all your messages, negotiation, proposal state, deliverables, accepting deliverables, reviews, milestone creation and completion. This communication happens after you log onto your account and is stored in your workspace. This communication is vital in resolving disputes. The arbitration team will use these records as evidence when needed however, copied documents that are not stored in your workspace are not considered as evidence when resolving disputes.

Users are not allowed to provide their contact information in public messages, private message or job description. Solution Inn provides users the option in the personal information tab of account settings to enter email address, phone number and other personal information.

General User responsibilities:
  • 1. Users can use the website as a freelance marketplace, where they may buy or sell services but are forbidden to use it for fraudulent means, promotional activity or any other discreditable purposes.
  • 2. It is forbidden to indulge in any activity which might disrupt the website's functionality.
  • 3. Attachment or upload of any irrelevant or malicious files anywhere on the website is strictly forbidden.
  • 4. Solution Inn prohibits users from sharing any personal contact information with other users, including email addresses, phone numbers, and Skype IDs, etc.
  • 5. Extracting data from the website for marketing, advertisement and commercial purposes, etc, or for use on any other websites is strictly prohibited.
  • 6. Transfer of a Solution Inn account to another party without the consent of Solution Inn is NOT allowed.
  • 7. Solution Inn restricts Users from gathering User Information from the Solution Inn website.

Posting and content policy:

By signing up to Solution Inn, you agree to post information or content on website which is original and true. While posting a job for freelancer services or sending a proposal for a posted job, the content used must be original and not malicious in any way. You must agree to use good sense of judgment while posting reviews, feedbacks, information and remarks to other users.

Solution Inn will not be held responsible for any malicious content posted by any other user or third party, even if such information or content is offensive or otherwise legally actionable. Solution Inn will not be held responsible for the monitoring of any malicious information or content or censoring such content for precision.

Nevertheless, Solution Inn reserves the right to remove or restrict any information or content from the website including job posts and proposals for posted jobs if Solution Inn deems the posted information to be opposing to the terms and conditions of the website.

Profile and thumbnail image:

Profile images uploaded in your profile page should follow following guidelines.

  • The profile image must be a truthful representation of you. You cannot use fake, animated or stock images.
  • You must be identifiable in profile image and so the image used must not be too small.
  • Group photos are not allowed.
  • Avatars of a reasonable standard may be accepted.
  • If you are a company, the guidelines for profile images are as follows:
  • The profile image must be a logo representing your company. Fake and stock images are not acceptable.
  • Companies may also post a thumbnail image on their profiles and the guidelines for such thumbnail images are as follows:
  • You must be the owner of the image, or must have copyrights or sublicense to use the image.
  • The image must be professional whereby trendy, funky images are not allowed for thumbnail images.
  • The supported or accepted image upload formats are .jpg, .jpeg, or .gif files (40x50 pixels).
  • Animated .gif files are not allowed.
  • There is no obligation to upload a thumbnail image, it may be left blank, especially if your chosen image does not adhere to the above guidelines.

Portfolio images:

You may post images to your portfolio to assist you in receiving jobs. These are the guidelines for posting portfolio images: We reserve the right to remove the portfolio image even if the reason is not listed below.

  • You must be the owner of the image, or must have copyrights or sublicense to use the image.
  • Animated .gif files are not allowed.
  • Each image or sample in your portfolio must be unique. We do not allow repetition of samples in portfolio.
  • The supported or accepted image upload formats are .jpg, .jpeg, or .gif files. The image files used must be your own; you are not allowed to use the image file of your company marketing material or other advertising or promotional materials like your resume.
  • The images must represent your work and skills.
  • Irrelevant images are not allowed.

Feedbacks and rating:

You agree that you transfer copyrights for the feedbacks and reviews you use on Solution Inn. You agree that all feedbacks you use in comments and the ratings you allot to other users belong solely to Solution Inn.

You must not use these feedback and ratings on the website in any way inconsistent with the policies of the website. Your feedback is our entity and must not be used in the website for any other reason apart from facilitating the provision of seller services via website. You agree to contact Customer support if there is any violation of the feedback and ratings system and agree not to do anything that affects the integrity of the feedback system, including but not limited to the following:

  • Leaving fake and inaccurate feedback of other users.
  • Leaving positive feedback of yourself or using a fake account or from another member account.
  • Plead with another Solution Inn member to leave a dishonest feedback or a feedback that does not reflect the true feedback the user wanted to leave.
  • Threatening other users to leave negative feedback on their pages and inducing them to perform a task that is not part of the agreed contract.
  • Retaining funds and forcing other users to leave a positive feedback.

To maintain the integrity of feedback and ratings system, Solution Inn retains the right to remove any ratings or feedbacks.