Suspension Policies

Violation of the following policies will result in User Account suspension:

1. Late submission/ Deadline not met:
    It is crucial to get acquainted with a project's deadline. If a client reports the Solution Inn team regarding a freelancer's failure to comply with the deadline, the freelancer’s account will be suspended. Freelancers must propose manageable deadlines whenever they bid on a project. Account Suspension will not be applicable only if a mutual agreement is reached between both; the client and the freelancer to extend the project's deadline. Persistent violation of the deadline may result in permanent account termination.

2. Plagiarism:
    Plagiarism found in any form is highly unacceptable and considered as a violation of Solution Inn’s Terms and Policies. A Freelancer found practicing plagiarism will face immediate account Suspension. Make sure the content you provide to the client is 100% plagiarism free and must pass every type of plagiarism checking software like Turnitin and Copyscape. Perpetual violation of the Plagiarism Policy may result in permanent account termination.

3. Sharing contact details:
    Solution Inn prohibits users from sharing any personal contact information with others. Anyone found sharing their personal contact information shall be penalized which may include suspension or permanent termination of the account.

4. Duplicate Proposals:
    While sending a proposal, freelancers must be careful not to enter the same proposal description as used before. Violation of this policy will limit your access to Solution Inn’s freelancing services.

5. Cheating the system:
    The rules and regulations laid down by Solution Inn are to be considered absolute. Anyone found trying to bypass the system or violate its policies will be penalized according to the severity of the violation.

The company reserves the right to impose a fine of $5 or 10% of the total project cost (whichever's greater) if the above mentioned policies are violated.