Water at 300 K and a flow rate of 5 kg/s enters a black, thin-

Water at 300 K and a flow rate of 5 kg/s enters a black, thin-walled tube, which passes through a large furnace whose walls and air are at a temperature of 700 K. The diameter and length of the tube are 0.25 m and 8 m, respectively. Convection coefficients associated with water flow through the tube and air flow over the tube are 300 W/m2 ∙ K and 50 W/m2 ∙ K, respectively.

Tube, D = 0.25 m L= 8 m, E=1 Air T= 700 K T= 300 K -Furnace, T 700 K

(a) Write an expression for the linearized radiation coefficient corresponding to radiation exchange between the outer surface of the pipe and the furnace walls. Explain how to calculate this coefficient if the surface temperature of the tube is represented by the arithmetic mean of its inlet and outlet values.

(b) Determine the outlet temperature of the water, Tm,o.


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