Which of these purchases would qualify as a PMSI in

Which of these purchases would qualify as a PMSI in consumer goods?
Paul Barton owned a small property-management company, doing business as Brighton Homes. In October, Barton went on a spending spree. First, he bought a Bose surround sound system for his home from KDM Electronics. The next day, he purchased a Wilderness Systems kayak and roof rack from Outdoor Outfitters, and the day after that he bought a new Toyota 4-Runner financed through Bridgeport Auto. Two weeks later, Barton purchased six new iMac computers for his office, also from KDM Electronics. Barton bought each of these items under an installment sale contract. Six months later, Barton’s property-management business was failing, and he could not make the payments due on any of these purchases and thus defaulted on the loans.


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