Would the outcome of this case have been different if the

Would the outcome of this case have been different if the parties had communicated by e-mail about all details regarding changes in the work performed? Why or why not?

Uhrhahn Construction was hired by Lamar Hopkins and his wife for several projects in the building of their home. Each project was based on a cost estimate and specifications. Each of the proposals accepted by Hopkins said that any changes in the signed contracts would be made only “upon written orders.” When work was in progress, Hopkins made several requests for changes. There was no written record of these changes, but Uhrhahn performed the work and Hopkins paid for it. A dispute arose after Hopkins requested that Uhrhahn use Durisol blocks rather than cinder blocks in some construction. The original proposal specified cinder blocks, but Hopkins told Uhrhahn that the change should be made because Durisol was “easier to install than traditional cinder block and would take half the time.”


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