Question: 1 Assume Brenda has no reason to doubt Vincent s veracity

1. Assume Brenda has no reason to doubt Vincent’s veracity with respect to the statement that it is “a one-time request.” Should that make a difference in what Brenda decides to do? Why or why not?
2. Analyze the alternatives available to Brenda using Kohlberg’s six stages of moral development. That is, what would Brenda’s position be when she meets with Vincent assuming her judgment was influenced by relevant factors at each of the six different stages of moral development?
3. Assume Brenda decides to go along with Vincent and omits the lottery losses and gains. Next year the same situation arises, but now it’s with gambling losses and gains. If you were Brenda, and Vincent asked you to do the same thing you did last year regarding omitting the lottery losses and gains, what would you do this second year? Why?

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