Question: 1 Consider Kohlberg s six stages of moral development What would

1. Consider Kohlberg’s six stages of moral development. What would Cindie do and why if she re as one date ach of the six stages?
2. Assume that Cindie approached Lyndell about her concerns. Lyndell tells Cindie that he has an alcohol problem. Lately, it’s got ten to him real bad. That’s why he’s left early—to get a drink and calm his nerves. Lyndell also said that this is the real reason he was demoted. He had been warned that if one more incident occurred, the store manager would fire him. He pleaded with Cindie to work with him through these hard times. How would you react to Lyndell’s request if you were Cindie? Would you honor his request for confidentiality and support? Why or why not? What if Lyndell was a close person al friend—would that change your answer? Be sure to consider the implications of your decision on other parties potentially affected by your actions.
3. Assume that Cindie keeps quiet. The following week, another incident occurred: Cindie got into a shouting match with a customer who became tired of waiting for his coffee after 10 minutes. Cindie felt terrible about it, apologized to the customer after serving his coffee, and left work that night wondering if it was time to apply to graduate school. The customer was so irate that he contacted the store manager and expressed his displeasure about both the service and Cindie’s attitude. What do you think the store manager should do? Support your answer with ethical reasoning.

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