1 Assume that system users and owners have indicated a
1. Assume that system users and owners have indicated a strong desire for a system that can be accessed “anytime, anywhere.” Discuss the implications of their desire for the system scope. Given the preferences of the system users and owners, should you prepare a table similar to Figure? Why or why not?
2. Discuss the implications of the anytime, anywhere requirement for the application deployment environment. What type(s) of hardware, network, and software architecture will be required to fulfill that requirement?
3. Investigate the availability of packaged and turnkey systems for multiple listing services. Search the Internet and real estate trade magazines and Web sites. Discuss the pros and cons of choosing a packaged or turnkey system.
4. Develop an RFP outline that covers packaged, turnkey, and custom-developed systems. What are the difficulties of writing one RFP that covers all three scenarios? Who should be involved in evaluating RFP responses?

Consider the requirements of the multiple listing service system developed in Chapters 5, 6, and 7. Assume that you’re the project manager and that you work for a consulting firm hired by the multiple listing services to perform only the survey and analysisactivities.
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