Question: 1 Before PERT diagrams are prepared should the person performi

1. Before PERT diagrams are prepared, should the person performing the work have a clear definition of the requirements and objectives, both prime and supporting? Is it an absolute necessity?
2. Is it possible for the WBS to be designed so that resource allocation is easier to identify?
3. Is it true that project managers set the milestones and functional managers hope they can meet them?
4. Should the length of a program have an impact on whether to set up a separate project or task for administrative support? How about for raw materials?
5. Consider the following remarks made by David L. Wilemon (“Managing Conflict in Temporary Management Situations,” Journal of Management Studies, October 1973, p. 296):
The value of the conflict produced depends upon the effectiveness of the project manager in promoting beneficial conflict while concomitantly minimizing its potential dysfunctional aspects. A good project manager needs a “sixth sense” to indicate when conflict is desirable, what kind of conflict will be useful, and how much conflict is optimal for a given situation. In the final analysis he has the sole responsibility for his project and how conflict will impact the success or failure of his project.
Based upon these remarks, would your answer to Problem 7–5 change?

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