1 Describe the orchestra s pay structure in terms of levels
1. Describe the orchestra’s pay structure in terms of levels, differentials, and job- or person-based approach.
2. Discuss what factors may explain the structure. Why does violinist I receive more than the oboist and trombonist? Why does the principal trumpet player earn more than the principal cellist and principal clarinetist but less than principal viola and principal flute players? What explains these differences? Does the relative supply versus the demand for violinists compare to the supply versus the demand for trombonists? Is it that violins play more notes?
3. What is the pay differential between the principal viola and next highest paid viola? What about between the principal trumpet and the next highest paid trumpet? Why these differentials between the principal and other? Why aren’t they larger? Smaller? Why is the differential between trumpet players different than between the viola players?
4. How well do equity and tournament models apply? Do custom and tradition play any role? What about institutional theory?
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