Question: 1 DonorsChoose org is structured like many contemporary business organizations Do

1. is structured like many contemporary business organizations. Do you think this structural similarity is useful for a charity, or should charities not try to emulate the organizational structures of for-profit organizations? Explain your answer.
2. Based upon what might be inferred from the organizational structure of Donors Choose, and what you have learned about the organization from the Donors Choose (A), (B), and (C) cases earlier in the text, how would you describe the organization’s culture? 3. Referring to your responses to questions 1 and 2, how does the Donors Choose structure and culture position it to capitalize on the social connectedness trend?
4. Is the development of various collaborative initiatives with a variety of businesses a wise strategic move for Donors Choose? Do these collaborative initiatives fit with the structure and culture of Donors Choose? Explain your answer.
5. Could you envision your career involving, at least for a reasonable period of time, work for a nonprofit organization? How has the knowledge you’ve gained about affected your thinking about working for a nonprofit?
6. Go to the Web site and look for the current information regarding the nonprofit’s impact on American public education. What conclusion do you draw by comparing the current data to that of May 28, 2011?
7. Will Donors Choose be able to continue to adapt and develop in order to make even more progress in fulfilling its mission and vision? Explain your answer.

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