1 Each day at 25 random times the upload speed
1. Each day, at 25 random times, the upload speed is mea-sured. Assuming that the distribution has not changed from what it was in the past year, what is the probability that the mean upload speed is a. less than 1.0? b. between
a. less than 1.0?
b. between 0.95 and 1.0?
c. between 1.0 and 1.05?
d. less than 0.95 or greater than 1.05?
e. Suppose that the mean upload speed of today’s sample of 25 is 0.952. What conclusion can you reach about the mean upload speed today based on this result? Explain.
2. Compare the results of AMS Problem 1 ( a) through ( d) to those of AMS Problem 1 in Chapter 6 on page 221. What conclusions can you reach concerning the differences? Digital Case Apply your knowledge
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