1 Football is big business raising millions and millions of
1. Football is big business, raising millions and millions of dollars for American universities. Numerous administrators and officials at Pennsylvania State University put a higher value on college football than on the welfare of children. How would an organization develop such a misguided culture?
2. Louis Freeh discovered that a janitor saw Jerry Sandusky abusing a boy in the showers in 2000, but said nothing because he was afraid to “take on the football program.” Why do you think that certain organizational departments and programs develop a mystique such that their activities and behaviors cannot be challenged nor questioned? What can organizations do to prevent this from happening?

In June 2012, Jerry Sandusky was convicted of sexually abusing ten boys while he was an assistant football coach at Pennsylvania State University. His abuse of children went back almost fourteen years, and was known by his superior, Joe Paterno, the head football coach. In 1998, there was an investigation by Penn State campus police after an allegation that Sandusky had molested a boy in the football shower room. It was later revealed that Paterno lied when he said that he was not aware of the 1998 investigation. In 2001, there was a report that Sandusky had abused a ten-year old boy in the showers at Penn State.

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