1 From the standpoint of an individual concerned with accounting
1: From the standpoint of an individual concerned with accounting controls, discuss and evaluate Johnson Toy Company’s present policies for handling returned items.
2: Answer Question 1, but from the standpoint of an individual interested in marketing.
3: Propose a policy for handling returns that should be adopted by the Johnson Toy Company. Be certain to list circumstances under which exceptions would be allowed. Should it apply to the Jungle Jim dolls?
4: Should this policy, if adopted, be printed and distributed to all of the retailers who handle Johnson Toy Company products? Why or why not? If it should not be distributed to them, who should receive copies?
5: Assume that it is decided to prepare a statement on returns to be distributed to all retailers and that it should be less than a single double-spaced page. Prepare such a statement.
6: On the basis of the policy in your answer to Question 3, develop instructions for the Johnson Toy Company distribution and accounting departments with respect to their roles and procedures in the handling of returns.
7: Assume that you are Cheryl Guridi, the firm’s logistics manager. Do you think that the returns policy favored by the logistics manager would differ from what would be best for the firm? Why or why not?
8: Until the policy you recommend in your answer to Question 3 takes effect, how would you handle the immediate problem of retailers wanting to return unsold Jungle Jim the Jogger dolls?

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