Question: 1 If there is such a thing as good debt

1. If there is such a thing as good debt, what types of debt do you consider to be “good”? What types do you consider to be “bad”?
2. What aspects of your financial life make you creditworthy? What aspects would make it difficult for you to obtain credit?
3. How might students judge whether they are taking on too high a level of student loan debt?
4. Use the information on pages 174 and 175 to discuss how best to deal with student loan debt.
5. If you wanted to borrow money to buy a new or used car, where would you turn? Why?
6. Are you concerned that the major national credit bureaus may have files containing information about you? What do you think about the process required to correct errors in those files?
7. Is it too easy for college students to get credit cards? Who do you know who has gotten into financial difficulty because of overuse of credit cards?
8. How do you feel about bankruptcy? When might bankruptcy be justified in your opinion? When might it not be justified?

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