1 More employees at the processing center are older than
1. More employees at the processing center are older than 44 than between 38 and 44.
2. Most of the employees at this center are older than 25.
3. If the company were to convert these ages from years to days, then the ages in days would also be normally distributed.
4. If none of these employees leaves the firm and no new hires are made, then the distribution a year from now will be normal with mean 39 and SD 7.
5. A training program for employees under the age of 30 at the center would be expected to attract about 36 employees.
6. If the ages of these employees were mixed with those of other types of employees (management, sales, accounting, information systems), then the distribution would also be normal.
The current age (in years) of 400 clerical employees at an insurance claims processing center is normally distributed with mean 38 and SD 6.
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