1 Study the user interface in Visible Analyst or another
1. Study the user interface in Visible Analyst or another CASE tool, consider the guidelines described in this chapter, and prepare a detailed recommendation for interface design changes, if any. Be sure to explain your reasons, and the results you hope to achieve.
2. Assume that the client agreed to all your recommendations, but the improved version will not be available for six months. In the interim, the client wants you to write step-by-step guidelines to help users navigate the existing interface. Select a user interface feature that definitely needs improvement, and write a brief set of tips and user-friendly suggestions.

Suppose you work for an IT consulting firm that specializes in user interface design. One of the firm’s clients is a CASE tool vendor. Before releasing the next version of its tool, the vendor wants your firm to analyze the user interface and offer suggestions about improving it if possible.

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