Question: 1 The size of the tail regions under the curve

1. The size of the tail regions under the curve that will lead us to reject the null hypothesis is (are)
a. the alpha value.
b. P.
c. the standard error of the difference.
d. the degrees of freedom.
2. The standard error of the difference between means is defined as
a. the standard deviations of the two samples we have drawn.
b. the standard deviations in the two populations from which our two samples were drawn.
c. our estimate of the standard deviation of the theoretical sampling distribution of differences between means. of differences between means.
3. The larger the t value, the more likely we are to
a. retain the null hypothesis.
b. reject the null hypothesis.
c. conclude that our result is not statistically significant.
4. In a statistical sense, “significant” means
a. important.
b. large.
c. real.
d. unlikely to be found in the population.
5. Which of the following is not a requirement for employing a t test?
a. A comparison between two means
b. Random sampling
c. A normal distribution
d. Nominal data

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