Question: 1 To what events must the ticket processing system respond

1. To what events must the ticket processing system respond? Create a complete event table listing the event, trigger, source, use case, response, and destination for each event.
2. Draw an entity-relationship diagram to represent the data storage requirements for the ticket processing system, including the attributes mentioned. Explain why it is important to understand how the system is integrated with other State Patrol systems.
3. Draw a domain model class diagram that corresponds to the ERD but assumes there are different types of drivers. Classifications of types of drivers vary by state. Some states have restricted licenses for minors, for example, and special licenses for commercial vehicle operators. Research your state’s requirements, and create a generalization/ specialization hierarchy for the class Driver, showing the different attributes each special type of driver might have. Consider the same issues for types of tickets. Include some special types of tickets in a generalization/specialization hierarchy in the class diagram.

The purpose of the State Patrol ticket processing system is to record driver violations, to keep records of the fines paid by drivers when they plead guilty or are found guilty of moving violations by the courts, and to notify the court that a warrant for arrest should be issued when such fines are not paid in a timely manner. A separate State Patrol system records accidents and verification of financial responsibility (insurance). Yet a third system produces driving record reports from the ticket and accident records for insurance companies. Finally, a fourth system issues, renews, or suspends driver’s licenses. These four systems are obviously integrated in that they share access to the same database, but otherwise, they are operated separately by different departments of the State Patrol. State Patrol operations (what the officers do) are entirely separate.

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