Question: 1 Unconscionable Contract Jackson a widow who was desperate for

1. Unconscionable Contract Jackson, a widow who was desperate for money, sold land to her brother, Seymour, for $ 275. Later Seymour found valuable timber on the land and sold some of it for $ 2,353. When Jackson realized that the property was worth much more than she had originally thought, she offered to return the sales price with interest. Seymour refused. Jackson sued, claiming fraud—that her brother, upon whom she relied for the management of her affairs, had misrepresented the value of the land. The initial court decision favored Seymour, and the decision was appealed. Is it likely that the court will invalidate the sale of the property?
2. Forrer was an employee of Sears for many years. He eventually left because of health problems and began operating a farm. Sears persuaded Forrer to return to work on a part- time basis, and about one month later promised permanent employment if Forrer gave up the farm and returned to work full-time. Forrer did so, but four months later he was discharged without cause. Forrer sued for damages, lost the case in the trial court, and appealed. Will Forrer be successful in his complaint against Sears? What consideration was promised by Forrer and Sears?
3. The Spring Well Drilling Company entered into a contract with Towne Construction Company to drill a well to supply water to a particular piece of property where Towne was building a house. Spring well offered no guarantee that water would, in fact, be produced. The drilling proceeded, but no water flowed. Towne refused to pay on the grounds that there was a failure of consideration. Spring well sued to collect the agreed fee. Will Spring Well succeed in the suit?
4. Maitland, a fund-raiser for Arbor College, solicited contributions for the college’s building program. Hamill Manufacturing pledged a contribution to the program. When the company did not pay, Maitland sued. Hamill claimed there was no consideration. Will Maitland be successful in the suit?

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