Match each of the numbered definitions with the correct term
Match each of the numbered definitions with the correct term in the following list. Write the letter of your choice in the answer column.
a. Abandonment
b. Age of majority
c. Contractual capacity
d. Competent party
e. Disaffirmance
f. Emancipation
g. Incompetence
h. Minor
i. Necessaries
j. Ratification
1. Items considered essential for a person’s well-being, such as food, shelter, clothing, medical care, and employment. 1. _________
2. Affirming, or agreeing to, the terms of a contract entered into previously
2. _________
3. A person who has not yet reached the age of majority. 3. _________
4. The state of a minor who has married and/or left home that renders the minor responsible for his or her contracts. 4. _________
5. The act of canceling a voidable contract. 5. _________
6. Legal incapacity to make a binding contract. 6. _________
7. Statutory legal age. 7. _________
8. A person of legal age and normal mentality who is capable of understanding the meaning of a contract. 8. _________
9. The ability of a party to make a contract. 9. _________
10. A minor’s surrender of the special protection given to him or her by the law.
10. _________
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