Question: 1 Was MaloneCo justified in relying on Ralph and Elie s

1. Was MaloneCo justified in relying on Ralph and Elie’s assurances that CenterRock was continuing to pursue the original contract?
2. The court requires a connection or relationship for quasi-contract claim. How close a connection or relationship must be shown?
3. The court described a quasi-contract as “an obligation imposed by equity to prevent injustice.” Explain how equity applies to quasi-contracts.

Georgia Malone Company (MaloneCo) was a real estate brokerage firm that entered into a Confidentiaty Agreement with CenterRock Realty, LLC (CenterRock) related to CenterRock’s potential purchase of a group of buildings in midtown Manhattan. Rieder was the managing member of CenterRock. The agreement required CenterRock to treat all information provided to it by MaloneCo (e.g., financial projections, property conditions, etc) as confidential and to pay MaloneCo a commission fee in the event that CenterRock purchased the property. After considering the confidential information provided by MaloneCo, CenterRock entered into a contract for the sale of the property. Part of the agreement allowed CenterRock to terminate the transaction during their due diligence (inspection) period.

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