Question: 1 What are the benefits that result from implementing the

1. What are the benefits that result from implementing the technologies described in the case? How are those different for hospitals, doctors, insurance companies and patients? Provide examples of each from the case.
2. Many of the technologies described in the case require access to large volumes of data in order to be effective. At the same time, there are privacy considerations involved in the compiling and sharing of such data. How do you balance those?
3. What other industries that manage large volumes of data could benefit from an approach to technology similar to the one described in the case? Develop at least one example with sample applications.

Personalized medicine brings to mind researchers doing complicated analysis of a single patient's genetic makeup and fine-tuning medicine and other treatments to those results. But Duke University Health System is using everyday data from patients' electronic medical records combined with an analytics tool to personalize its approach to treating patients.

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