1 What are some of the most important benefits derived
1. What are some of the most important benefits derived by the law enforcement agencies mentioned in the case? How do these technologies allow them to better fight crime? Provide several examples.
2. How are the data-related issues faced by law enforcement similar to those that could be found in companies? How are they different? Where do these problems come from? Explain.
3. Imagine that you had access to the same crime-related information as that managed by police departments.

How would you analyze this information, and what actions would you take as a result? On a Saturday afternoon last summer, Mark Rasch took his son to his baseball game at a park in Georgetown, Maryland. The ballpark is located in an area that has zone parking with a two-hour limit. Rasch was forced to park in a spot that was a bit of a hike from the ball field. He later eyed an opening closer to the park and moved his car there.

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