1 What contract based causes of action did Berry bring in
1. What contract-based causes of action did Berry bring in this case?
2. Defend Hooters.
3. Make the argument that the Hooters manager never actually made an offer to the waitresses.
4. If an offer was made, how did Berry accept that offer?
5. Make the argument that the offer and acceptance, if they existed, were not supported by consideration.
Former Hooters waitress Jodee Berry sued Gulf Coast Wings for not awarding a new Toyota as a prize for her victory in an April 2001 sales contest. Berry alleged that her manager told the waitresses in their Florida Hooters that the server selling the most beer would be entered in a drawing (involving other Hooters locations) with the winner receiving a new Toyota. At one point during the contest, the manager allegedly said he did not know whether the winner would receive a Toyota car, truck, or van, but he did know that the winner would be required to pay registration fees.
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