Question: 1 What opportunity did Nach Waxman identify when founding Kitchen

1. What opportunity did Nach Waxman identify when founding Kitchen Arts & Letters?
2. What are the business-definition aspects of KA&L (offer, target market, capability, problem solving)?
3. What is the competition, direct and indirect, for the company?
4. Create a qualitative competitor analysis chart for KA&L. Given its target customers, list the top five competitive factors as you perceive them. Select three competitors (name them). This will require some research.
5. Which of the six factors of competitive advantage apply for KA&L? Explain.
6. Describe the segmentation for KA&L in geographic, demographic, psychographic, and behavioral dimensions.
7. Where in the product life cycle are independent bookstores? Where is KA&L? Why is it the same or different from others?
9. Create a three-question survey that would be of value to Nach Waxman and his team. To whom would it be administered? By whom? How would it be administered? Why would it be useful?
10. What secondary research could be of value to KA&L management? Find three specific sources and cite them properly.

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