Question: 1 What type of property was at the center of

1. What type of property was at the center of the dispute in this case? How did that property become involved in the dispute?
2. On what ground did the plaintiffs argue that the bank should not have been granted a summary judgment?
3. Why does collateral have to be disposed of in a commercially reasonable manner? Is price alone enough to prove reasonableness? Why or why not?
4. What factors did the court look at to determine reasonableness in this case? How did the court rule on the issue in this case?

Since its founding in Jackson, Michigan, in 1900, Sparton Corporation has designed, developed, and manufactured electronic and electromechanical devices. From prototype through shipment, Sparton has worked with diverse companies in the aerospace, medical, defense, security, navigation, exploration, and industrial markets. Today, Sparton is headquartered in Schaumberg, Illinois. It has more than 1,300 employees and maintains production facilities in the United States and in Vietnam.

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