1 What view of the nature and origin of justice
1. What view of the nature and origin of justice does Glaucon describe?
2. What does he try to show with the story of the ring of Gyges?
3. What does he want to demonstrate by imagining two people with such magic rings?
4. How does he attempt to show that a life of injustice is better than a life of justice?
5. How does he describe the difference between appearing just and being just?
6. According to the theory Glaucon and Socrates are explaining, what do parents teach their children?
7. What role do rewards in another life play in this account?
8. What do the prose writers say about justice and virtue? What of poets such as Hesiod and Homer?
9. What does Adeimantus request that Socrates tell the group?
10. Why does Socrates lead them to a consideration of the state (something that is the focus of the rest of the dialogue)?

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