1. What were the primary motivations that led Lin and his partner to try to start a new business in China? Given their experiences there, do you think they should have considered launching in another country instead? Where? Why?
2. Of the global strategies mentioned in Chapter 18, which option did Lin and Sze choose for their move into China? Did they choose the right strategy for them and their enterprise?
3. What do you think Lin and his partner did right when they attempted to start their business? What do you think they did wrong? What recommendations would you have for them?
4. Given the details of this case and other key facts that you know about China, assess the opportunities for U.S. small companies that may want to do business there. What features of the country should be particularly attractive to entrepreneurs who are seeking to expand internationally by going into China?
5. What challenges to doing business in China did Lin and Sze experience? List any issues that may present distinct problems for other U.S. small companies that may want to do business there.

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