7 Eleven Inc operates the world s largest convenience store retailer franchise
7-Eleven, Inc. operates the world’s largest convenience store retailer franchise. In business for over eight decades, 7-Eleven has thousands of stores all over the world and boasts that it has an instantly recognizable, world-famous trademark. Yet 7- Eleven says that it can provide prospective franchisees with the opportunity to own a true neighborhood business. 7-Eleven believes that its ordering system, POS scanning system, and other technologies enable franchisees to have customized product assortments that reflect the localized needs and preferences of customers. Thus, franchisees can always have the products customers want whenever they step into a local store. 7- Eleven also promises to prepare its franchisees for success by providing initial and ongoing training, financial assistance, payroll services, twice-a-week consulting services and other support. Does 7-Eleven’s model live up to the statement often heard in franchising circles that: “Franchising lets you go into business for yourself but not by yourself?” Discuss.
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