Question: a Did Denise handle the events leading up to the

a. Did Denise handle the events leading up to the interview correctly?
b. Did Denise handle the interview correctly?
c. Should Denise have approached the resurfacing company before she interviewed Dick?
d. What do you think will happen next in the interview?
e. What should Denise bring with her to the interview with Dick?
Denise Stubbs, the Nancy Drew of forensic accounting, sat in her office pondering yet another financial mystery. Her client, Candace Goodwell, owns Salon Select and the building and land on which the building sits. The retiree, who spends her winters in Florida and her summers in New York, had just left Denise’s office after discussing a matter that was particularly troubling. Candace had relied on her office manager, Dick Maxwell, who had been with her for years, to obtain bids to resurface the parking lot at Salon Select while she was in New York. He had told her that he had obtained the bids and had engaged the lowest bidder to do the job.
Candace had recounted to Denise the conversation she had just last week with a representative of an asphalt company. She had been pleased with the resurfacing job when she had returned from New York on August 2 until Nick Woods, the representative, had stopped by the salon. Candace had happened to be in, and he had asked her if she needed her lot resurfaced. “Why, I had it resurfaced just three months ago,” replied Candace.

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