A lamp consists of a frame assembly and a shade
A lamp consists of a frame assembly and a shade, as shown below in the sketch and the bill of materials. The frame is made from a neck, a socket, and a base, which are assembled together from purchased parts. A shade is added to the frame assembly to make the finished lamp. The number of parts on hand, the parts scheduled to arrive, and the lead times to obtain more parts are shown below.
a. Assuming 1000 finished lamps are required in week 7 and 1500 in week 8, construct a complete materials plan for the lamp. What actions should be taken immediately to implement the plan?
b. If it takes 15 minutes of assembly time to assemble the parts into the frame and 5 minutes to assemble the shade and frame into a finished lamp, how much total assembly time is required in each week? What can be done if insufficient time is available in any given week?
c. If the lead time for assembly of lamps is ex tended from one week to two weeks, what changes will be needed in the materials plan to adjust for this change?
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