Question: A small toy robot is assembled from six parts a

A small toy robot is assembled from six parts: a body, a head, two arms, and two legs. The firm uses a one-level bill of materials to assemble this product. The number of parts on hand and the lead times (weeks) to obtain more parts are shown below. There are no parts on order.
a. Assume that an order for 200 robots is received for the beginning of week 4 and that it takes one week to assemble the parts once they are all available. Construct a complete materials plan for the robots. What actions should be taken immediately to implement the plan?
b. The customer has called and asked if he could receive a portion of the 200 robots as soon as possible. How many robots can be assembled and delivered to him ASAP, and when would they arrive? What are the implications of this action?
c. The supplier of heads has just sent an e-mail that said it will take two weeks to deliver the heads instead of one week. What effect will this have on your materials plan from part a?

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