Question: A number of terms are listed below Appraisal costs cause and effect diagram Conformance qu

A number of terms are listed below:
Appraisal costs....... cause-and-effect diagram
Conformance quality...... control chart
Costs of quality (COQ)..... cumulative average-time learning model
Design costs........ experience curve
External failure costs...... incremental unit-time learning model
Internal failure costs..... learning curve
Pareto diagram........ prevention costs
Quality of design
Select the terms from the above list to complete the following sentences.
The cost of quality failures include those of _________, __________, ________________, and
_________________. The costs may arise from poor _________________, and the output will fail to meet customer expectations. They may also arise from poor ___________________ or failure during production to conform to design specifications. The total ____ __ _______ (___) failure in the customer’s hand are not merely financial but can be nonfinancial, including fatalities. A high-quality process quality management system will track all four COQ types to detect and prevent quality failures. Successful quality control can be measured using
a BSC. From the perspective of customers, market share and size can increase. From the learning and growth perspective, analysis and tracking of the both the ________ and
__________ ______ improves the reliability of predictions of orderly cost decreases. Both the ___________ ____ ____________ _____ and __________ ________ ________ ____
______ will improve the management and control of quality. From the perspective of internal business control, quality can be tracked using a _______ _____, ______ ________, and _____ _______ or fishbone diagrams.

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