A pharmaceutical company manufactures a particular brand of antihistamine tablets. In the quality control division, certain tests are routinely performed to determine whether the product being manufactured meets specific performance criteria prior to release of the product onto the market. In particular, the company requires that the potencies of the tablets lie in the range of 90% to 110% of the labeled drug amount.
a. If the company is manufacturing 25 mg tablets, within what limits must tablet potencies lie?
b. A random sample of 30 tablets is obtained from a recent batch of antihistamine tablets. The data for the potencies of the tablets are given next. Is the assumption of normality warranted for inferences about the population variance?
c. Translate the company’s 90% to 110% specifications on the range of the product potency into a statistical test concerning the population variance for potencies. Draw conclusions based on α = .05.

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