a Prepare the year end entries for any amounts that should
a. Prepare the year-end entries for any amounts that should be recorded as a result of each of the above contingencies. (If no entry is required for a event, select "No journal entry required" in the first account field. Enter your answers in whole dollars.) The following selected transactions relate to contingencies of Classical Tool Makers, Inc., which began operations in July 2013. Classical’s fiscal year ends on December 31. Financial statements are issued in April 2014.
1. Classical's products carry a one-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. Based on previous experience, warranty costs are expected to approximate 4% of sales. Sales were $2 million (all credit) for 2013. Actual warranty expenditures were $30,800 and were recorded as warranty expense when incurred.
2. Although no customer accounts have been shown to be uncollectible, Classical estimates that 2% of credit sales will eventually prove uncollectible.
3. In December 2013, the state of Tennessee filed suit against Classical, seeking penalties for violations of clean air laws. On January 23, 2014, Classical reached a settlement with state authorities to pay $1.5 million in penalties.
4. Classical is the plaintiff in a $4 million lawsuit filed against a supplier. The suit is in final appeal and attorneys advise that it is virtually certain that Classical will win the case and be awarded $2.5 million.
5. In November 2013, Classical became aware of a design flaw in an industrial saw that poses a potential electrical hazard. A product recall appears unavoidable. Such an action would likely cost the company $500,000.
6. Classical offered $25 cash rebates on a new model of jigsaw. Customers must mail in a proof-of-purchase seal from the package plus the cash register receipt to receive the rebate. Experience suggests that 60% of the rebates will be claimed. Ten thousand of the jigsaws were sold in 2013. Total rebates to customers in 2013 were $105,000 and were recorded as promotional expense when paid.

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