Question: A school district comprises 24 schools The numbers of students

A school district comprises 24 schools. The numbers of students in each of the schools are as follows:
The district wants to implement an experimental teaching and learning model for approximately 20% of the 6057 students in the district. Administrators want to choose the 20% randomly, but they will not be able to use simple random sampling throughout the entire district because the new model can be implemented only at an entire school, not just for a select group of students at each school. The schools not selected will continue to use the current teaching and learning model.
a. Explain how one could use cluster random sampling to achieve the goal of choosing approximately 20% of the students in the district for the experimental model.
b. Use cluster random sampling and a table of random digits to decide which schools will use the new model. Begin your sampling at line 10 of the table. How many schools are in your sample? How many students are in your sample?
c. Repeat part b, this time beginning at line 15. Did you obtain the same number of schools?
d. Would it be possible for the school district to implement stratified random sampling? Explain.

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