Question: A thief has stolen Roger s automatic teller machine ATM card

A thief has stolen Roger’s automatic teller machine (ATM) card. The card has a four-digit personal identification number (PIN). The thief knows that the first two digits are 3 and 5, but he does not know the last two digits. Thus, the PIN could be any number from 3500 to 3599. To protect the customer, the automatic teller machine will not allow more than three unsuccessful attempts to enter the PIN. After the third wrong PIN, the machine keeps the card and allows no further attempts.
a. What is the probability that the thief will find the correct PIN within three tries? (Assume that the thief will not try the same wrong PIN twice.)
b. If the thief knew that the first two digits were 3 and 5 and that the third digit was either 1 or 7, what is the probability of the thief guessing the correct PIN in three attempts?

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