Question: A USA Today story May 22 2010 about the medical

A USA Today story (May 22, 2010) about the medical benefits of moderate drinking of alcohol stated that a major French study links those who drink moderately to a lower risk for cardiovascular disease but challenges the idea that moderate drinking is the cause. “Instead, the researchers say, people who drink moderately tend to have a higher social status, exercise more, suffer less depression and enjoy superior health overall compared to heavy drinkers and lifetime abstainers. A causal relationship between cardiovascular risk and moderate drinking is not at all established.” The study looked at the health status and drinking habits of 149,773 French adults.
a. Explain how this story refers to an analysis of three types of variables. Identify those variables.
b. Suppose socioeconomic status is treated as a control variable when we compare moderate drinkers to abstainers in their heart attack rates. Explain how this analysis shows that an effect of an explanatory variable on a response variable can change at different values of a control variable.

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