Question: After looking at the projections of the HomeNet project you

After looking at the projections of the HomeNet project, you decide that they are not realistic. It is unlikely that sales will be constant over the four-year life of the project. Furthermore, other companies are likely to offer competing products, so the assumption that the sales price will remain constant is also likely to be optimistic. Finally, as production ramps up, you anticipate lower per unit production costs resulting from economies of scale. Therefore, you decide to redo the projections under the following assumptions: Sales of 50,000 units in year 1 increasing by 50,000 units per year over the life of the project, a year 1 sales price of $260/unit, decreasing by 10% annually and a year 1 cost of $120/unit decreasing by 20% annually. In addition, new tax laws allow you to depreciate the equipment over three rather than five years using straightline depreciation.
a. Keeping the other assumptions that underlie Table 8.1 the same, recalculate unlevered net income (that is, reproduce Table 8.1 under the new assumptions, and note that we are ignoring cannibalization and lost rent).
b. Recalculate unlevered net income assuming, in addition, that each year 20% of sales comes from customers who would have purchased an existing Linksys router for $100/unit and that this router costs $60/unit to manufacture.

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